Acedo Santamarina is, without a doubt, one of the leading law Firms in Mexico serving the telecommunications industry. Our lawyers have vast experience in advising both the sector authorities, including the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of Mexico (SCT), the Federal Communications Commission of Mexico (COFETEL, now IFETEL), the Federal Electricity Commission of Mexico (CFE) and Telecomunicaciones de Mexico (Telecomm), as well as all sorts of domestic and international telecom operators in highly regulated matters of the field.

We have provided our clients with advice in complex satellite systems; telephony networks and international submarine cables; the deployment of telecoms infrastructure; radio frequency spectrum and dark fiber public biddings; Internet regulation, re-sale of telecom services, MVNO licencing and operations; and other communication technologies,

We’ve also provided highly specialized media law and telecom advisory, including Internet and media responsibility, international VoIP structures, VPNs and other converging technologies.

As part of the legal services offered to our clients in the telecom sector, the Firm is able to support them from the initial structuring of their business and investments, project financing, analysis and obtaining of the relevant licenses, and other types of regulatory approvals, as well as in drafting and negotiation of telecom contracts with both domestic and international partners and with end-users, rights-of-way auditing and other matters related to their telecom infrastructure, up to the day-to-day compliance of their legal and contractual obligations.